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With an infectious hook and cheeky lyricism, it’s as addictive as it is anti-capitalist

Credit: Genius

There’s this constant tug of war on ‘XS’.

On one hand, there’s the lush, dynamic instrumentation. Complete with exotic violins, a beat pulled straight from the 2000s, and an electric guitar that might just be able to rip through anything, ‘XS’ is one the year’s most essential pop bangers that only leaves the listener wanting more. On the other hand, however, are the words layered on the music itself. Adorned with all the Cartier jewels, Tesla Xs, and Calabasas mansions the wealthy could desire, Rina masterfully…

As the vivacious opening for 2019’s “Young Enough”, the band pierce through the uncertainties of adulthood with pure, unadulterated energy

Credit: Mathew Shelter

On ‘Blown to Bits’, Charly Bliss make one last diary entry before the end of it all. Backed by a glossy drone and some slick synths, it’s the mundane things in life that take centre stage. Karate lessons, watching dad’s team miraculously win, reality shows — fleeting moments that would normally blend into the tapestry of everyday life metamorphose into soon-to-be collector’s items in a world on the edge of an apocalypse.

A discernible tension develops as the drums join…

With a bit of help, of course

The evidence is out on the table.

The scent of an unfamiliar merlot, the glistening of jewels not seen before, and the unmistakable gut instinct of a wife. For the court of Taylor Swift and HAIM’s Tuesday night ladies club, that was all that was needed.

“He did it.”

It was time to call out a cheating husband. Accompanied by the acoustic guitars and harmonica that had served her faithfully, and with a little sprinkling of HAIM’s electric guitar, ‘no body, no crime’ reads like a return to form for a Taylor Swift…

Home to the world’s largest contiguous Mangrove forest, the Sundarbans is shaping up to be the battleground of an unseen war

Credit: European Space Agency

At over 10,000 square kilometres and accounting for 85% of India’s Mangrove forests, the Sundarbans is one of India’s most important biodiversity hotspots. Located in the north-east, the area is also on the front lines of an incoming crisis. A combination of rising sea levels, increasing global temperatures, and inadequate state assistance are all pushing the delicate ecosystem and its residents towards a point of no return. …

This is the second of three articles in a series that explores an album-length narrative on Taylor Swift’s eight LP ‘folklore’

Via Universal Music

betty sees a young man frozen in time.

It captures the moment between the ringing of a former flame’s doorbell and the meeting of two individuals who were once one. Thumping heartbeats overpower the muffled party music. The pacing and shuffling of sneakers on the porch overpower the chaos of the crowd inside. Interspersed between heavy breaths, he whispers a few regrets, rehearses a few apologies, and recollects a summer that should never have been. …

And how tragedies send ripples through time

It’s 2002.

Brazil wins the FIFA World Cup. The Euro is introduced for the first time in the European Union. 9/11 is still fresh in the minds of air travellers.

Over Germany, Bashkirian Airlines Flight 2937 is halfway through its journey from Moscow to Barcelona. On board, among its sixty passengers, Konstantin and Diana Kaloyev were travelling with their mother to visit their father, Vitaly. However, they would never meet their father for a summer that never happened. …

This is the first of three articles in a series that explores an album-length narrative on Taylor Swift’s eight studio album ‘folklore’

There’s a case to be made for story-telling in music.

To be a bit more specific, there’s a case to be made for fictional tales in pop music. Stories that aren’t ours to experience, but are instead, ours to tell. Stories that flourish solely due to someone’s imagination running amok while, I don’t know, being locked up at home while a deadly, highly contagious, virus prowls the streets. Tales that we enjoy not because they’re relatable, but rather…

This generation has always been one that’s at a loss for words. Incoherent tweets in the midst of another racially charged murder, bursts of anger over being dumped into an excuse of an economy, angry error-riddled texts to former flames. Through all that, however, Lorde remains an eloquent outlier. A poet leading us through Juul clouds and performative activism towards a clearer, more level headed version of our vices. After all, not every teenager’s angsty manifestations end up winning Grammys.

So, it was obvious that if there was anyone who could capture the molecules that swarm around heartbreak, an emotion…

Carly Rae Jepsen is, unapologetically, a hopeless romantic. Her unwavering, almost naïve optimism in a world as cruel as the one we live in seems to spring from thin air. Run Away With Me, the opening cut from her third album E.MO.TION, is this unwarranted enthusiasm, realized.

Jepsen skips the complex metaphors and lengthy anecdotes and makes her point succinct and clear. You’re stuck in her head and you’ve got her heart. Hence, for those reasons, it’s time to leave this world behind. Of course, we never hear what Jepsen’s crush seems to feel about this. The song is sung…

Lana Del Rey for NME Magazine (Shot by Chuck Grant)

On The greatest, Lana Del Rey toys with an idea that, for her, seems almost inconceivable. California, as she knows it, slowly crumbling as the fires of climate change and political chaos run amok.

There isn’t much she can do. Her silhouette slowly sways to the salty pacific breeze as the world around her descends into madness. Peppered throughout the track lay memories that Del Rey slowly picks apart and relives, hoping that the solitude of the past could, through shear willpower, somehow replicate into the present. From Long Beach to New York, from the Beach Boys to rock ’n’…

Raunaq Nambiar

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